HIT Contractors LLC


About Us

Our home office is located in Louisiana. We focus on debris management and transportation logistics.

HIT is an excellent choice for your leaner hanger projects. We have put together crews and supervisors that will get the job done safely and effectively. Our supervisors can deal with the third party monitors that are usually new to the process and tend to slow the effort and still come out with 80 ticket per day averages. We are the experts at hazard limb abatement projects or vegetative right of way clearing.

HIT has performed debris cleanup work for hurricanes Katrina, Gustav, Rita and Ike, icestorms in Arkansas, Kentucky, Virginia and Tennessee. HIT has provided manpower and equipment for emergency snow removal from parking lots, roadways and flat roof buildings in New York, Connecticut, Massachutes and Virginia.

HIT has purchased a small fleet of belly dump trucks and are currently hauling aggregate in south Texas. We are always looking for more hauling contracts.

Being from Louisiana we have personal relationships established over years with some of the largest suppliers of marsh equipment in our area. We have negotiated some of the lowest rates available for several of our clients for some of the marsh restoration projects that have taken place within the last 3 years.